Obtaining a VA Home Insurance

When someone has served in the military and wants to buy a home, the first thing they should do is consider a VA home insurance. This insurance gives the buyer the opportunity to buy a home without paying cash. They may not be required to pay mortgage insurance every month. There may be restrictions on closing costs paid by the buyer. An appraisal detailing the value of the property may also be provided.

How much time is required?

Answering this question with any accuracy can be difficult. The majority of VA insurances can be closed within 45 days. This is common in the mortgage industry. There are a number of steps in the approval process and getting pre-approved is one way to shorten the closing time. Pre-approval means that a person has fulfilled the basic requirements of a lender for a insurance before starting the process. The schedule for the seller to move out of the home and the buyer to move into the home can affect the closing time. An agreed-upon transition date can also make the process longer or shorter. The VA rating also plays a role. In the event that the appraiser applies for the insurance based on the necessary repairs, the closing date can be extended by weeks and sometimes months. After evaluation, the VA insurance must go through the underwriting process. This is the final step. The need for more documentation or resolution of eligibility issues can lead to an extension of the closing date.

How much income do I need to earn to get approval?

When a person applies for a VA home insurance, they will hear about a formula known as the debt-to-income ratio (DTI). DTI takes a VA insurance applicant’s monthly debt payments and compares them to their total monthly income. The lender will focus on monthly debt such as housing cost, unsecured debt, and more. The standard DTI ratio for a VA insurance is about 41 percent. When it is more than that, the lender may want additional financial information. If a person has a high percentage of debt compared to his income, he should not give up. Some lenders will offer a VA insurance with higher DTI rates.

How long do I need to be on active duty to get a VA insurance?

The first step in applying for a VA insurance is to complete and submit Form 26-1880. This is to request a Certificate of Eligibility. This certification is provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is proof that the person qualifies for a VA insurance. It does not guarantee that a person will get a insurance. The length of time required in active duty is determined by the time the person has been in the military. A person who served in the Gulf War must have completed 24 months of continuous active duty or at least 90 days and received a dishonorable discharge. A person will be eligible if they have served during this time for less than 90 days but have a service-related disability. To find out the exact term of service requirements for a Veterans Service insurance, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs.